Message from the Chairman

To all Shareholders

The year 2015 was a challenge for the business due to economic slowdown, dumping of upstream metal entrepreneurs from oversea, in where most of domestic metal companies adversely affected throughout the year. Nonetheless, with the devotion and management potential of professional team, the Company was managed to recover rapidly since the latter half of the year onwards. Moreover, at the end of 2015, the Company started recognizing income from its new business, alternative power plant. Initially, the production capacity was started at 18 MW in year 2014 and added up to 15 MW during second phase where the income was recognized at 9.08 MW. This contributed to the recovery of our business during year end of 2015 and directed to remarkable growth toward year 2016.

The success from alternative power plant in which started to show significant growth steadily inspiring the Board of Directors, executives and all employees to focus on generating stable and successful outcome for the Company, particularly, the expansion of alternative power plant and solar power plant as to enhance potential and support the business prosperity in years to come.

Apart from that, the Company continued to find alternative possible for investment in new business as to strengthen our business and the Company, to build trust and competitiveness which will lead us to another major step.

Finally, I, on behalf of the Board of Directors would like to thank you all executives and employees for your united effort to cope with numerous obstacles and has led the Company to achieve success. My thankful gratitude also passed to shareholders, business alliances for your trust and business support throughout these years. All these are comprehended to the part of achievement of our vision, goals, policy and reflected through work result with precise business growth under the good corporate governance to ensure the highest benefit for all stakeholders.

Pruchya Piumsomboon, PH.D., P.E.
Chairman of the Board of Directors